October 16-17th, 2010
It will be a wonderful event for our church family. Come and learn about opportunities to engage into Glocal service!


Monday, February 8, 2010

Food distribution center in Gonaives

Our partner in ministry ESMI has set up a food distribution center at El Shaddai Phaeton church/orphanage in Gonaives. They have water, rice, corn, beans, spaghetti, and sardines for distribution to our church leaders and their families in that community. To date, the SRC family has sent $94,000 to El Shaddai Ministries to to purchase food, water, and other supplies in the Dominican Republic and deliver to distribution centers such as this. God is good!

Team works at the Gonaives hospital

Today our team went to help at the Gonaives hospital. They first set up a tent pharmacy by the hospital so they could be ready to start treating patients who would walk in to the hospital. On the left you can see a picture of the hospital entrance, and on the right you can see a patient arriving on a car to receive medical treatment at the hospital.

Sunday afternoon clinic in Gonaives

The team set up the clinic in the church building after the service on Sunday afternoon. They treated the patients from that community for the rest of the day.

The children sing in church

Everyone has a chance to worship the Lord during the church service in Gonaives, Haiti. Here you can see the kids who live in the orphan compound perform a nice song during church.

Sunday Church Service in Gonaives

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day 1: Team works in Gonaives

After three hours driving from Port Au Prince, the team arrived in Gonaives to set up their first clinic at the church that SRC built. They saw patients for a few hours, then went to work in the clinic that SRC funded in the orphanage compound. It was a good clinic day for the team. When they went back to their hotel to have dinner, they met an Orthopedic Surgeon from Bolivia who is working at a warehouse close to the hotel. The team had seen two patients today who needed surgery, and now they can refer them to this surgeon. "That was a divine appointment", said Craig. Here you can see a video of the team setting up the clinic at the SRC church.

Team arrived in Gonaives

It was a long drive yesterday from the Santo Domingo airport to the border of Haiti, then to a hotel in Port Au Prince to spend the night. After being on the road for more than ten hours, the team rested at night, and left this morning to go to Gonaives, in the northern part of Haiti. It took about three hours on a very bumpy road for the team to arrive at their destination. Around noon today, the team finally got there and was ready to set up the first clinic. Here you can see a video of the bumpy ride.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Team arrived in Santo Domingo

They landed in the DR at 12:49 pm, got all 28 luggage bags and bins filled with supplies, and met with Pastor Dony at the airport. They also got the meds that were ordered in the Dominican and were waiting to be delivered to them. Other teams from North Carolina and St. Louis met with them, and a total of 29 people will now start their long drive in 2 buses towards the border of Haiti.

SRC teams up with The Grace Place to go to Haiti

This morning, a team from The Grace Place in Stuart, FL ( left for Haiti. The team will stay for one week serving in Gonaives, where SRC has churches and orphanages. Together with TGP team, Jackie Adames and Craig Kindell joined from SRC. Craig and Jackie will help the team, as both have already been in Haiti (actually they just returned last week) and can help coordinate the efforts. Please be praying for this medical team of 14 people (2 doctors, 8 nurses and 4 helpers), as they travel to Santo Domingo, then drive to Gonaives, Haiti overnight. It will be a long journey, and they will find many needy people as they get there.