October 16-17th, 2010
It will be a wonderful event for our church family. Come and learn about opportunities to engage into Glocal service!


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day Five: Timothy Project

Terriel and Tommy spoke at the Timothy Project, a network of young pastors in the Southeast region of Brazil that our Movement Leader, Ricardo Agreste, coaches, mentors and walks alongside to build them up for ministry.
Terriel did a wonderful job sharing with those pastors about "Preaching in the Art of Being a Pastor". That happened in the morning and it was followed by a panel with Q&A.

In the afternoon, Tommy spoke about "The Leadership in the Art of Being a Pastor". Both talks blessed those leaders and gave them new perspective in both areas of preaching and leadership.

In the evening, the music workshop happened, where Rick Krive, Carlinhos Veiga and Sonia Agreste spoke to about 100 worship leaders. Rick focused on the participation during worship, Carlinhos talked about the role of culture in the worship, and Sonia talked about the inclusion of non-believers during worship. Our team had a wonderful time this day. We learned a lot.

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