October 16-17th, 2010
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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 6: Scott Stapp is with our team in Haiti

Yesterday, another three people joined our team in Haiti: Dr. Janette Nesheiwat and her brother Daniel, along with Scott Stapp. After numerous hours planning over the weekend, the team flew to Santo Domingo, carrying lots of supplies and medicines, and met with Pastor Dony at the airport yesterday. Then, they drove together to Haiti. Today both teams continue to work and see people in need around Port Au Prince. Here you can see Scott and Craig (our trip coordinator) at the Love a Child compound. Because of the great need and the additional supplies that our team received, they decided to stay in Haiti until Friday, when both teams will come home.


  1. How cool. Scott is there too. How awesome is our God for working all things for the good of His people.

  2. To Our Dear Team~

    Every day I pray for you and for all the precious people you're ministering to in so many ways from (I'm sure) early in the day to late at night. May our Heavenly Father continue to go before you and give you stamina and wisdom and extra measures of safety as you serve in Haiti.

    As I look at your photos, I wish I could be there with you to give even a little comfort and love to those you're caring for...please let them know that there are many who pray they could take their pain and sorrow away. Please give someone a loving hug from me today!

    Lots of love from

    Jan DeNino