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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Update #5 from SRC partners in Haiti

Received from El Shaddai Ministries on Jan. 16th at 2pm:

Dear Friends,
We are on Day 4 of the aftereffects of the quake. Spoke with Dony late last night and received a few emails this morning.

Yesterday, he visited schools and hospitals in PAP. Did not go to the DR since C3 partners were already there. His words:

"One school has 350 children buried under it. Another nursing school, 100 students. No food. Day 4 without food and water in PAP. Interviewed a family that lost 12 people. PAP is not a city that can be rebuilt easily. Hundreds and thousands of people sleeping on the streets. Some are sleeping in tents but there are not enough. If I could get some in the DR and take in...Everyone is seeing things differently, but you have to be here on the field. Visited the hospitals - no antibiotics, no medication, not enough personnel to minister to the people. No gas in PAP. Need to purchase 2 huge containers to store for future. ESMI lost one of its vehicle. People are moving back to the provinces so ministry cannot only be in PAP but need to go to the villages to those people too. Still a lot of areas without help. A lot of people still in need. We have identified a clinic twice the size of the one in Cayes that we can use for the relief effort, and use it as our headquarters. It also has a guesthouse where we can host at least 200 people so I have taken control of the facility."

Today's plan:

1. Louis will send 5 nurses and 1 doctor, possibly 2, to the above facility to begin doing some preliminary treatment until we can get medical teams organized from the US to come in. This is a big need: medical personnel and medical supplies to treat earthquake victims. The facility is in a safe place about 15 minutes outside of PAP. If you are interested in being a part of a medical team, please respond ASAP to

2. Dony will head to St. Marc and the Gonaives area to buy up as much food as he can for storage.

3. C3's trucks should be arriving today at a location about 3 hours from the DR border where the food will be stored and then distributed from.

4. Louis will also get staff from Cayes to manage this distribution center and will bring more, water and medical.

Pray for these efforts today and for safety as one team travels from Les Cayes and another from the DR. Dony will need to return with whatever funds we can collect here. No banks are functioning in Haiti.

If you would like to send a contribution, please send to Spanish River Church, and indicate Haiti Relief on the memo. These funds will be sent to Dony and Louis ASAP.

Thanks to all who have already sent funds. Please know that 100% will go toward the relief effort.

Thanks too, to my friend, Susie Austin, who has been getting the word out to you via email. Thanks to Frantz St. Germain and Shane Hackett who have been posting the updates and at the same time working feverishly to get our website updated to make it functional during this relief effort.

May God continue to guide us and have mercy on His people.
With His Peace,
Sharon St. Germain

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