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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Immediate needs in Haiti and how SRC is helping...

We communicated with our partner, Pastor Dony St. Germain, as he came to Miami to gather supplies and funds to bring back to Haiti. These are immediate needs that were identified:

1) Food and water. With the help of our partner C3 Missions, Pastor Dony is able to secure containers in the Dominican Republic and those containers can be loaded with food, water, and other supplies. The cost for a 20ft container loaded with supplies is $10,000. Then the container can be shipped to Croix des Bouquets in Haiti (about 1 hours driving from the DR border). This is where El Shaddai Ministries and C3 Missions are setting up a big clinic to help the people with food, water, and medical care.

2) Medical teams. There are many people who are wounded and hurting in the outskirts of Port au Prince. The relief operations are concentrated in the capital, however several small towns were severely hit by the earthquake, and no help is getting there to save those people. That's where our partners will be focusing, and they need our help with medical teams and medications.

3) Because buildings were destroyed and many are cracked and not safe, people have moved away from their places and are now living on the streets. Church buildings were destroyed and congregations cannot meet. A big need right now is for tents. Big ones for churches to start meeting again, and small ones for people to get shelter. Pastor Dony can get those in the DR if he receive the cash donations.

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