October 16-17th, 2010
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Friday, January 22, 2010

Our team started seeing patients in Carrefour

Our team arrived in Carrefour at 11am to set up the clinic and start seeing people in need. The team will spend all day working at the clinic, then will return to Croix des Bouquets in the evening. They will spend the night there and tomorrow will set up a mobile clinic in that area.

Carrefour is a largely residential and very poor commune in the Port-au-Prince metropolitan area. The district has an estimated population of 408,000 as of 2003. It is mostly a bedroom community for those who work in central Port-au-Prince. The neighborhood is very poor and ill-serviced, however, as of recently, small-scale construction has gone on in the area along with street renovations. (Extracted from Wikipedia)

You can read more about Carrefour and how desperately it needs aid on this link. Carrefour was an epicenter town of the earthquake.

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