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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Update #1 from SRC partners in Haiti

Received from El Shaddai Ministries on Jan. 13th at noon:

Dear Friends,
Your heart is breaking like ours as we listen to the news. This is just a very brief update on what we know. Louis (Pastor Louis St. Germain) made contact with us yesterday evening via "ooVoo", an internet phone. He and his family are shaken but fine. Thank the Lord. He emailed later to let us know that:

- Maniche - a small town from Cambry had lots of damage;
- Chantal - Pastor Chery called to say he was fine but one of the walls in his home fell;
- Jeremie - the construction workers there felt the shock;
- Cassa Major - Pastor Clotaire called. He may have some damage but doesn't know the extent.

So far, the orphans in the south seem to be fine. But we are still waiting to confirm this. We are also waiting to hear from all the other pastors in Gonaives and around Les Cayes regarding their communities.

Dony (Pastor Dony St. Germain) left this morning. He'll fly to Santiago, DR, and then drive into Haiti from Cap-Haitian and down into Port-au-Prince. God willing he should be there tonight or early morning. His concerns at this time are for the pastor, workers and the 106 orphans in Carrefour. The news is reporting this as the epicenter of the quake. Please pray that they are miraculously well. He'll try to keep us posted as much as possible.

Sharon (Sharon St. Germain - Pastor Dony's wife)

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  1. Sharon,
    I work for ooVoo and just saw your post about your pastor making contact with you via ooVoo to let you know he and his family are safe. Such good news amidst this tragedy.