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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How SRC is responding to the immediate needs...

Based on the needs that Pastor Dony identified, SRC is responding as following:

1) Thanks to the generosity of the SRC family, we were able to raise $54,234 last weekend!

2) $10,000 is being used to purchase the so needed medications (antibiotics, tetanus shots, wound care medication, gauze, bandages, splints, etc), so the SRC medical team can take with them on their mission trip.

3) $44,324 was given to Pastor Dony to purchase the food containers in Santo Domingo. He returned to the DR yesterday, and with the help of C3 Missions, will start driving the containers into the needy in Croix de Bouquets, where the C3 Missions clinic is.

4) SRC is sending a medical mission team on Thursday, Jan. 21st, to work in the clinic for one week. A team of eight people is flying to Santo Domingo, then driving for 4 hours to cross the border and get to the clinic. Another team of seven people from South Carolina is meeting our team on Friday. There will be 4 doctors, 9 nurses, and 1 physical therapist working together at the clinic, and they will be treating some 800-1,000 people per day.

5) We will continue to receive funds for Haiti Relief from partner churches around the globe. Those funds will be wired to El Shaddai Ministries to continue helping them with the relief efforts.

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